Deep Sigh

Sometimes every word I write sounds like complete and total crap. I don't even like that first sentence right now. Not one word of it. It disgusts me. Such is the life of a writer.

I'm awaiting the e-book publication of my first romance on Friday, February 27th. Since finding out that I was going to be published, I've been working on revisions and edits of THE LAST STALLION and on another, full-length romance titled, ALASKA HEART. While revisions can be challenging, I sometimes find them easier than drafting. At least there is always something on the page to work with. Some material to slosh through with your rewriting boots on. Progress is made any time you change a word, cut a scene, add a scene, play with dialogue, and so on.

Right now, I'm back in a young adult manuscript, trying desperately to create text that makes sense. I'm actually longing for revision time. I'm at a point where the story could go in about forty different directions. Thirty of them I don't like at all. Nine of them have potential. Only one of them is THE RIGHT ONE. I'm doing a lot of staring into space, looking for inspiration. I don't like it at all.

Deep sigh.

I did find out that I'm a finalist in the Ohio Valley Romance Writers of America Enchanted Words Contest with my young adult manuscript, AZTEC DAWN. Maybe that's the boost I need to return to the world of creating story. Somebody likes my stuff, so I need to keep at it.