On Flying

I recently read THE SHACK by William P. Young and my mind was officially blown. Being someone who endured twelve years of Catholic schooling, I have been hit from all angles with the Bible and the Holy Trinity and the Ten Commandments and so on. I finally reached a point in my life a couple of years ago where I got so disgusted with the rules and regulations man has imposed on religion that I quit the entire scene. Felt the orginial message of Jesus had gotten really lost among the spiritual regime I was living in.

I started to research other religions and finally decided upon my own blend of spirituality. Part nature worship, part meditation, my new definition of religion has served me well for several years now. I feel that my soul is "cleaner" than it's been in ages. My relationships are tighter, deeper. I'm connecting with people on a whole new level, which brings me to THE SHACK.

In this story, there is a big emphasis on relationships. The God, Jesus, Holy Spirit relationship. The human to God relationship. The human to human relationship. At the center of all of them is Love. The author says that "Love is flying." Being a romance writer, I know I've had my characters compare being in love with a flying sensation. Love makes us lighter, gives us wings. When we truly let ourselves go and give fully to someone else, we experience Love in its truest sense. And we're so much better off because of it!

Wishing you a Love that lets you soar!

Anyone else read THE SHACK? What are your thoughts?