People, people, people! Vermont is our lucky winner for the setting with Rhode Island as a close second. Perhaps our photographer, Gini Claremont, will need to do a shoot in little Rhodey at some point in our tale. She can take Patrick along and feed him clam cakes and Del's lemonade. :)

Next up is point of view. How would you like to hear our story? Please select your choice and leave your vote in the comments section of this blog, on Facebook, or hire a sky writer to display
it in the clouds. I'll leave it up to you.

Point of View

A. Third Person--both Patrick and Gini's perspectives
Example: Patrick ignited Gini’s desire as he ran his fingers along the curve of her back. She sighed and shuddered under his touch.

B. First Person--Patrick--inside his head
Example: I’d never seen flesh so flawless. My fingers traced Gini’s contours, memorized her perfection. How had this angel come to be in my bed?

C. First Person--Gini--inside her head
Example: He touched me as if I’d vanish under his fingers if he pressed too hard. His wide palms were rough and calloused, but warm. And uncertain. Terribly uncertain. How could I convince him that I wanted this, wanted him?